Monday, February 16, 2015

The Avengers and Ice Cream Sundaes

Yesterday was ice cold. We are going through a deep freeze and it is nothing that you want to have to go out in. I knew early yesterday morning that I would not be leaving my house. Thank God for the Avengers!! I must say that that is my new favorite movie. It has been on the FX channel almost daily for the past week and I must have seen it 5 times. Plus before hand I had recorded it and watched that more than few times. Not sure why I like it so much. I do have an open crush on Captian America. That is something that I bask in during the movie. Not in a weird way but in a way that I say to myself that if I ever met anyone with his inner quilities I'm there. I liked him before his transformation too so it's not merely a superficial attraction either. The movie itself is so exciting. Every so often a movie comes along that is like this for me. The latest Star Trek with Benedict Cumberbatch as Khan is the same for me. I'm a true Science Fiction fan. I grew up with Star Trek and would also watch every show about extra terrestrials and outerspace.

Christopher and I like to watch Full House. Recently we watched one where Uncle Jesse bribes Michele with an ice cream Sundae in order to find out what kind of party Rebecca is planning that she wants him to attend. (It's a baby shower by the way.) Anyway, when Uncle Jesse is giving her the sundae and describing it to her, Chris and I looked at each other and said we want one of those! Next day I went to the store and bought, ice cream, carmel and hot fudge toppings, (I made my own peanut butter topping), whipped cream, sprinkles and marashino cherries. We were going to have it on Valentine's Day but Chris was at his friends house. So last night I put everything out and we all had a sundae. It was so delicious!! Just as we had imagined it would be. Of course, I had to point out how much this all would have cost if we went to Friendlies. I always say stuff like that. (But it is true...) Anyway it was a fun time just sitting around the table talking and enjoying our sundaes. Simple things... :)

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