Friday, December 7, 2012

See God in Everything and Everyone

I read this saying this morning and was thinking about what it meant to me and just wanted to share. What it means to me is that God sees the heart of each and every person. I only see the outward...what is visible to my eyes. My eyes...that are skewed by my own hurts, imperfections, misconceptions and prejudices. God calls me to see beyond that. To see the hurting, apathetic, forlorn, careworn, discouraged, unloved, misunderstood, rejected heart within. That heart that may act out in sometimes unappealing and offensive ways. To desire, by God's leading and strength, to reach in and connect with that person and have the courage to disregard the crusty outer shell and to touch the true person within, who only God sees. Seeing God in each situation means to me that God is in the waiting. Whether it's waiting for a spouse, a job, a change of situation within your own life, even waiting behind that slow driver that is making you crazy. God has His control over every situation and He requires us to yield to His timing; trust His wisdom and trust His sovereignty. We are responsible to maintain a close walk with our Savior and Lord, Jesus, and to seek Him with all our heart. To listen for His voice as He leads us down life's path. As we rest in Him, He will work all things out for our good and bless us who seek Him. This is His everlasting promise to us. :)

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