Sunday, November 29, 2009


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving this year. We went to Suzette's house in Colts Neck. She lives in a 250 year old house on a farm. I loved the whole feel of her house. To think that 250 years ago people were living there and doing pretty much what we were doing is amazing to me. There was Fred and Suzette and her kids, Josh and Jenna, Irene, Nick, Me, Louis, Sarah, Christopher, and Suzette's Uncle, and Suzette's dog Bo, she was so sweet!

We got there and they had made some appetizers for us, shrimp, mozzerella and tomatoes and I think roasted pepper and mozzerella on bread. We visited and enjoyed the fire until the food was done. Then we had turkey and ham and all the fixings. Everything was deliciious! Fred went to culinary school and he did all the cooking. It's funny because he was a little frustrated with the mashed pototoes that they weren't as smooth as they should be. He said it's always that one bigger potato that didn't cook all the way. Then when you mash them there's some bits of potato in the with the smooth. First of all they were perfect and secondly that happens to me alot too.

After dinner we went for a walk around the farm. They have small ponds and we saw a Great Blue Heron take flight. They are so beautiful and huge! Fred said it would just fly to another pond and later that day I went looking for it and sure enough it was at the pond closest to the house. The property is beautiful. A lot of the land around the farm has been sold and big million dollar homes built but where Suzette lives is so quaint. Ponds, a little waterfall, a wooden bridge, horses, barns so many things to see.

After our walk we had coffee, Tiramisu, cheese cake, and pumpkin pie. Suzette makes these delicious cookies and chocolate bark too.

Suzette has a fire place in her living room and Christopher loved it. He would get firewood and they had this accordian air pump and he loved tending the fire. We sat in front of the fire alot. She also had a trampoline which Sarah and Christopher and Jenna jumped on. Christopher sure got a kick out of it. I think that was his first time on a trampoline too. It was a nice time of getting together with our family and enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Okay this is it. I did NOT have to eat all those cookies and cake from Delicious Orchards yesterday. It's one thing to eat alot ON Thanksgiving but the day before?!? Instead of waking up thankful, I'm frustrated with myself. So the way I deal with it is that I say "today is the last day of eating like that". I'll eat what I want today and then when I wake up tomorrow I'll watch what I'm eating for half a day and then say, "I can have this, or I can have that" and by the end of the day I've over eaten again. (venting)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

It's two days before Thanksgiving and I'm sitting here in my livingroom. Louis and Sarah have left for school. Christopher and Nick are still sleeping. It's so nice and quiet. I thought I would just write a little.

We are having Thanksgiving this year at my brother Fred's girlfriend's, Suzette's, house. At first the kids were a little wary because they LOVE to have Thanksgiving at their grandparents house but we talked about it and decided it would be a fun new experience. I'm looking forward to it. I like Suzette alot! We've gone to a couple of parties with her, the fouth of July, and her housewarming party and she's always been so attentive to us. She went out of her way to make sure we were having a good time and she stayed close to talk with us. It's hard to put into words but you just know when someone cares by how they treat you. She's like that.

I'm going to make my peas and carrots with the campbell's soup and crispy onions and I'll make brownies. Irene is making her now famous corn pudding and turnips and cheesecake. After Fred and Suzettes we're going to go over to Bunny's house for dessert or second dessert. :) Hopefully Matt and Michele can come for that since they're going over Matt's brother's house and he lives nearby.

I'm happy to say that I've started my Christmas shopping. Irene is off this week and yesterday we went to the mall. We had the salad bar at Ruby Tuesday's and then walked over to Macy's where I bought my Christmas present from Nick, which was my perfume. I ran out of it about 9 months ago and couldn't bring myself to spend the $70 it costs so now that's it's Christmas I don't feel so guilty. Besides it IS a gift from Nick afterall. I bought the usual Yankee candles for the women and got some things for Sarah. Christopher is going to be a trip to Toys R Us, though we are going to get him a Telescope. Not a kiddy one but a very good one so that we can see lots of stars and planets. He is so into the Solar System. It's gotten us all into it. He'll get that and then some toys too.

I HAVEN'T gotten on the treadmill yet. I'm such a procrastinator!! Two things that I'm wanting to do every day or almost every day is to take time to read my Bible and to do the treadmill for one half hour. I haven't given up but I sure do get frustrated with myself. Those two things are hard to start but then afterwards I'm SO GLAD I did them. Why is that?? I think it's either just being lazy or if not lazy it's hard to put lesser things aside and put my time and energy into physical and spiritual exercise. There's a verse in the Bible that says something about the things I want to do, I don't do and things I don't want to do, I do. That about sums it up.

We hung up our outside Christmas lights. Christopher was so excited! He wants our Christmas tree up and everything ready Christmas. To be 5 again! He loves the idea of Santa Claus and getting presents and lights and decorations. It kind of gets me into that spirit too. :)

Monday, November 9, 2009

I came on to add some things to my to do list and I have now reached 50 things. I think that is appropriate since I will be turning (gulp) 50 in August of next year. I am planning on living it up during my last year in my 40's though. So far it's not been too exciting but I am stepping it up. People tell me I don't look even near 50 so that is a nice feeling to be seen as much younger.

I've been diligent in working on all 50 of my goals. I look at my list every morning and try and be sure to do all the things that I can do that day and make plans to accomplish a few things at a time in the near future. I am a list case you haven't caught on to that yet. I have a list of books I want to read, a list of movies I want to watch, plus some other lists that I can't think of at the moment.

Enough about me though. Next year there are so many milestone birthdays. My dad is turning 80, Louis is turning 18, Sarah is turning 16 (Sweet 16 for girls is a milestone), I'm turning #0 (can't keep going there), plus Louis is graduating High School and then starting college in the fall. Where has the time gone??? I'm always talking about how fast this life is. One minute you're wishing you were older the next your wishing you were younger, one minute you can't wait until the kids are older so you can "do more", the next minute you're wondering what it was that was so important. The Bible talks so much about the fleetingness of time. Our lives are like flowers that bloom and then die. I was thinking how in Ecclesiastes it says that with all that Solomon had and experienced his final conclusion about life was to fear God and keep His commandments. I need to really contemplate this more and not just rush through life as if I didn't have a compass. God has given me one...the Bible. I also say to myself alot, "If not now...when?" Age, if nothing else, should be making us wiser. Making us use our time more wisely, our resources, our life experiences. NOTHING should be wasted here on this earth. We have to focus on storing up for ourselves Heavenly treasure. Doesn't that make Heaven that much more desireable? That much closer to our hearts?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

This weekend we went on our annual hayride. We went to my Mom and Dad's house and went to a place not too far away from them and not on the "pumpkin parkway". This year Nick came. I said to him that it took him 17 years to go on his first hayride with the kids. It was fun. Nick, Christopher and I went on the Friendly hayride and Mom, Irene, Louis and Sarah went on the scary one. They must have cut back this year because there wasn't as many characters running around. When they dropped us off at the pumpkin patch we got a couple of pumpkins and Christopher went on some blow up rides that they had there. This was a first since Christopher never likes to go on blow up rides. Afterwards we went back to Mom and Dad's and had brownies and cream puffs.

This morning I drove Sarah to school since her alarm clock was set to clock radio and she didn't hear it. It is pouring rain but I didn't mind. Since I don't have any car during the day I take every opportunity there is for me to get behind the wheel. I can drive Nick in the morning and use the car but then I have to wake Christopher up and also pick Nick up at the end of the day.

Today on my way home I got a Dunkin Donut's coffee and a coffee roll. I use to get that all the time last year when I drove Louis to school. That is why my cholesterol is so high now. I have been cutting back on high cholesterol foods though. It's a process to change habits. I can't be so rigid or I backlash into going overboard. Slow and steady always wins the race. At least I hope so.

I've been thinking about Christopher's birthday and I'm going to have a party for him at Chuckee Cheese's. I'm going to invite his class and a few other kids that we know. Then in March Louis has his mission's trip to the Dominican Republic and then in August I want to give Sarah a Sweet 16 party. Nick plays at a place called La Taverna and they have a room upstairs that is used for parties. I asked him if he can get us a deal and we can use this opportunity to invite all our relatives and a bunch of Sarah's friends. The girls can get all dressed up and Nick and Donny can play music. I just want to get the wheels in motion now since I have to know the cost and exactly what I need to provide.

Thinking of starting my Christmas shopping soon. The Toys R Us paper came yesterday and I told Christopher to circle all the things he wanted. He asked me though if Santa Claus would run out of money and I said that he never runs out of money. When he asked me why I could't think of a good answer right away and then just said that he was magic.

I found Sarah and Louis' Bible from when they were little and now Christopher and I read the Bible every night. He now calls it his Bible since we all have our own individual Bibles.

Nick went to a Steve Morse concert last night in Pennsylvania. I got such a great chance to talk to Louis. He's such a great guy! I know that when the time comes for him to be in a relationship he'll have a good head on his shoulders. He's very mature for his age. I want to be there for my kids so much and I see how God works day to day in providing opportunities to impart Godly wisdom to them. It's so exciting for me. I'm all for ministering out in the world but we have to remember our families come first. I sometimes think what if the whole world thinks your great but your own family doesn't like you. What good is that? You've given up the MOST important for something less. God first, then your family and then others.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Here are some things I’d like to accomplish before the big 50:

1) Run an entire 5K.
2) Lose another 50 pounds - plus what I've gained :(
3) Finally paint my dining room and hallway
4) Simplify my world.
5) Go on a mission trip.
6) Spend more time with my hubby.
7) Pay off debt
8) Live debt free.
9) Save two full months of living expenses
10) Transform my home into a sanctuary from the outside world
11) Floss every day
12) Form a habit of prayer and devotion
13) Go bowling with the kids
14) Plant a vegetable garden.
15) Drink more water
16) Organize my pictures.
17) Change my hair style.
18) Go on a solitude retreat…even for one night.
19) Declutter
20) Go to all my different doctors for checkups
21) Pray with my children
22) Go to the beach a lot in the summer.
23) Keep up with my blog.
24) Eat more fruits and vegetables
25) Read more
26) Continue to love Jesus with all my heart, soul, and mind.
27) Walk in humility and forgiveness
28) Send out Christmas cards
29) Invite people over more…practice hospitality
30) Start working outside the home again
31) Sell things on Ebay
32) Stick to my morning routine
33) Hug people more
34) Say “I love you” more.
35) Go to church EVERY Sunday
36) Always dress and look nice - nails, hair, clothes
37) Walk my dog and play with her more
38) Be deligent with my exercise routine - treadmill, video
39) NO TV during the day - After 4:00 okay
40) Memorize scripture - include family
41) Become involved with Children's Sunday School and Worship
42) Host a Home Group Fellowship
43) Get Bible CD's for the car
44) Get off Cymbalta - Done!!
45) Crochete a blanket
46) Watch more great (4 Star) movies
47) Go out dancing
48) Play tennis
49) Enjoy the outdoors/visit more parks
50) Ride my bike

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not sure if I ever mentioned how much I enjoy living frugally. It really gives me a charge to find ways to save money and to do without. Like lately I've been buying a gallon of whole milk and then split it in half and add water...viola, I've spent $3.65 for two gallons of milk instead of one. Let's see what are some other things....yesterday I gave myself a manicure and pedicure and last week dyed my own hair, which I got more compliments on then when I spent $100. Sarah also trimmed my hair yesterday and did such a great job that I like how it looks better then the beauty parlor. I also have this knack for splashing bleach on me when I do laundry. Instead of of getting rid of the clothing I take a marker of the same color and color in the spot. I've also bought dye and dyed a shirt to cover the bleach spot. I've got so many more things that I do. I'll have to devote a whole post to just that.

Yesterday we went to the Heightstown Fair where Nick was doing the sound for the day. He, his sister Michele and Pastor Mike then performed for about half an hour. They were so good! We then went over to Michele and Matt's house and ate pizza and played Apples to Apples. It was a fun night. Michele's friend Erica was there who is originally from Hungary. She fit right in with our nutty family.

Today is Sunday so I'll be going over to my Mom and Dad's for lunch and then coffee. I love going over there every Sunday. It's very low key but still it feels so good to spend time with them and I guess just the routines of life are a comfort to the soul. Today we may go on the Hayride that is right near my Mom and Dad's house. We've done that every year since I can remember and with Christopher being only five it will continue for many more years. Christopher does not like the scary hayride though so we go on the friendly one where there are no people with scary masks running around.

I've got to get back on track with my "diet" and exercise. I promised my therepist, Brenda, that I will exercise every day for about an hour to help stabilize my moods and to release my endorphines. I also have to start thinking about what I would like to do next year when I start working again. Christopher will be in school full time and I'll be back out in the work force. I'm actually kind of excited about it. It's been so great to be able to stay home with my kids these past 17 years. I enjoyed every minute of that experience. Even through the hard times I never wished I was anywhere else but with my children being a stay at home mom. It was a wonderful and fulfilling experience. To be there when they woke up in the morning and not have to rush everyone around to get to day care, to be there when they came home off the bus to hug them and talk with them about their day, to the priviledge of homeschooling Louis who has turned out to me such a mature and wonderful man. Plus a million more experiences. That everyone should have this opportunity and not have to settle in order to make some extra money. Time goes by so fast that there will always be a time for personal fulfillment too. Time is so fleeting. I already see in Louis a pulling away, which is so healthy. It's a bit sad for me but I'd be more concerned if it weren't happening. I love him, I've been there for him, I will always be there for him. Wherever life may take him I had these precious and few years with him where he was only mine and there was no big world out there calling him away from me. God has been so good to me and I never want to lose sight of the wonderful blessings he has given me, especially Louis, Sarah and Christopher.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I wanted to catch up on some of my blogging. Actually I doubt I could ever "catch up" but I start again and write down some of the happening in my and my families lives.

Today was the first day of school for all three of my kids. It was Christopher's first day of Kindergarten and the first time he is riding a bus to school. I would pick up and drive him to his preschool at the High School. He went to Falcon Nest preschool sponsored by the High School which is free and the students learn how to teach and interact with children. He went on the bus with absolutely no fuss. He slept good last night and didn't seem overly anxious about going. He asked about it a couple of times but it's like he resigned himself to having to go. I truly hope and pray that he likes it and that he thrives and finds new friends there.

Louis is now a Senior. We are in the process of preparing for college. I would like him to attend Brookdale at least for the first two years. It's a beautiful campus that is close by and he can still live at home. As much as I wish it weren't, money is an issue. We just can't afford thousands and thousands of dollars to send him away to college. For the last two years, we'll wait and see. By next year, when Christopher is in full day school, I'll be working and there will be more options for him. He's not sure what he wants to do yet so I few years of exploration isn't going to hurt him.

Sarah is now a Sophmore. School is school for her. Nothing exciting. She really likes math but Spanish is her thorn. She loves getting together with her friends and has become very interested in Photography. I have to say that she is very good at it. She has an eye for what takes a good picture and then can photoshop it into something even more beautiful. She does have a strong artisitic streak. Plus she is absolutely gorgeous and becoming more so every day. She says she's a geek magnet but I think that is because she's so nice to everyone. She loves to laugh and have fun and she's friendly to everyone.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is it Spring yet?

I am looking forward to the warm days of spring. We have had some beautiful days in the last month or two but it's not the same as waking up each morning knowing that there won't be any more of the bitter cold. Let's see...what's been going on...not too much. Which I've learned is a good thing. No one is or has been sick, no one has died, no traumatic events in recent history. It's been life as usual in the Bizzarro household.

Louis is doing very well at school and has made the Honor Roll this semester. It's rare that he has anything but A's on his report card. My motherly instincts tells me he is not always putting in 100% effort and yet is still doing excellently in his classes. I can't help but wonder if he would be top of his class if he gave school his all. Then again, I'll trade his time of doing that now for when he starts college. He's been getting so much college material in the mail lately. I can't believe he'll be off to college some day. One more year. I've been thinking about him going away to college and it may be a possibility. What a great experience that would be for him. He is interested in going to a Christian college which is what I would want for him. Right now he's learning to drive...which he is very good at. He'll be getting his license in August. Just in time for him to drive himself to school every day. He's busy with friends and is looking for a job to earn some money and to keep him busy in the summer.

Sarah recenlty went on her chorus trip to Florida. She went to Disney World with the Chorus and Band from her school. They have a chorus presentation in the park on Friday and the band is marching in a parade today. She has such a beautiful voice and enjoys singing. When she sings around the house it is a pleasure to listen to her. She's doing well in school...struggling a bit with Algebra but not so much that I'm worried. She got her braces off yesterday and is SO excited about that!

Christopher still does not like preschool. I recently registered him for Kindergarten and am trying to get him excited about going. He's looking forward to riding on the school bus and when we visited his school he said he wants to go there. He loves to ride his bike and be outside. (Not Mom's favorite thing in the cold.) He also likes to play on the computer, read books, play at McDonald's and Chuckie Cheese's, go to his Aunt Rene's and play Wii, help his Dad renovate the bathroom, help his Dad with his band. We're thinking of getting him a drum set since he seems to have a real interest in it. God help me with the noise! We don't have a basement so the drums will have to be in the Family room. He better get good at it real fast. : )

Nick is doing well. The band has been off for the past two weeks so he's been home, which is nice. He has been renovating the bathroom and that keeps him busy. I can't wait until it's finished. Anyone who's ever done renovations knows that when you do one room the whole house suffers. The new vanity and sink are in the dining room and all the bathroom supplies are in our bedroom. It's chaotic but this too shall pass.

I've started reading through the Bible in chronoligical order. I've thought a lot lately about reading the Bible again from cover to cover. It's been so long...if I've ever done it. I think in all the years of reading and hearing the word, I must have read or heard the entire book.

My exercise and diet has suffered a bit during the winter months. I'm home alot with Christopher and the temptations that surround me everyday are hard to resist. How much salad can you eat at McDonald's when the Double Cheeseburger and fries are staring at you when you order? I'm not discouraged though and am looking forward to more outside activity. I'm definitely going to get into tennis this spring/summer. I watch "The Real Housewives of New York" (my only vice) ;) and they all play tennis in the Hamptons.

My nights are pretty much spent at home. I'm enjoying American Idol, Survivor, Hell's Kitchen, The Celebrity Apprentice, America's Next Top Model, The Biggest Loser Couples, Dancing with the Stars and of couse... LOST! Good thing we have DVR so that I can record them and watch them when I can. Nick is so not into a lot of these shows. We like to watch Intervention and if it's about War HE likes to watch it (I pretend to watch it but more just to be with him) :). Of course our TV viewing is peppered with his guitar playing (where are my ear plugs!) and such is winter life in our home. We are looking to running/walking together after dinner when the weather gets nicer.

My family is well. My mom and dad are healthy and happy. Fran, Bill and Karen are all well and soon their annual visits will begin. Hopefully my brother-in-law will be able to come up this year. He came for my mom and dad's 50th wedding anniversay and it was so nice to see him. Fred and Suzette are doing well. We didn't get to see them at Easter since her parents were here from upstate New York.

Easter is my favorite holiday. Spring, celebrating the Lord's resurrection, family, home, Easter egg hunts and Easter baskets and a big turkey dinner. What more can anyone want? Private message.....Remember, God can and does work all things for good to those who love Him and are called according to His purpose! He will also never leave you nor forsake you and will never give you more than you can know who you are. : )